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Why to Join BBA

Get a jump start in your academic career with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (UG Program). This is one of the most popular professional degrees that will teach you about the fundamentals of management and business. You can start your career right after getting this degree, or use it as a gateway to getting into a good MBA course.

It is crucial that you choose the right course for your graduation. Therefore, you have to know what you want in your professional career. If you want to be a manager in a big company, or start your business someday, the BBA degree is the one for you. This degree has a lot of value and there are many reasons why you should choose this degree course over others. Of course, there are a few management related degree courses as well, but BBA has a few distinct advantages over them. Here are the top 10 reasons to study BBA.

Why You Should Opt for BBA Degree

1.Market Requirements

Currently, the Indian market is expanding at an accelerated rate. As existing companies are expanding in size, new start-ups have also arrived on the scene. All these companies require candidates with sound business and operations knowledge. Candidates with BBA degrees can easily form a part of the core business/operations/strategy team or can act the point of contact between the workforce and senior-level management. 

2. Exposure & Experience

Due to the nature of the BBA, most candidates end up working directly with the marketing, sales, operation or strategic team. This leads to a good exposure of market trends, strategic decisions making, and so on. Candidates are able to develop market-relevant skills and focus latest trends. 

3.Scope of Growth

Candidates with BBA degrees, who have good market exposure and relevant experience, often witness a fast-paced growth. A hard-working candidate can expect to rise up ladders quickly and become the team lead or manager in four to five years. Such candidates can be further trained for mid-level and senior-level managerial roles.


Updated knowledge is one of the best advantages to have, and you get this with a BBA degree. The BBA course is a well-designed course that aims to teach students as much as possible in the business world. The course is also updated according to the latest trends and developments in the industry, giving students a distinct advantage. From best industry practices to the use of technology, BBA students are better equipped with knowledge.

5.It’s a Versatile Degree

A BBA degree is not just about getting a degree for the job you want. There’s a lot more to it. While most degrees, especially at the bachelor’s level, are more about theory, BBA degrees are a combination of theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development. You also learn many different skills that will make you a wholesome professional and set you up for success.

6.Professional Degree

BBA is a completely professional degree that interests students who are serious about getting into careers in business and management. Students can get placed in good companies right after getting their BBA degrees.BBA holders have the highest employment rate as compared to other bachelor’s degrees.

7.High Salary & Benefits

A high salary, coupled with excellent benefits, is one of the main goals of most professionals. A BBA degree makes it possible. With this degree, you open doors to the best managerial and administrative professions where the salary and benefits are the best. You also get promotions much quicker, and when you switch companies, you can get a sizeable increase in pay as well, but that depends on your negotiation skills.

8.Personal Development

As mentioned before, a BBA degree is not just about education, you also learn about personality development. The degree teaches you to be a strong, confident person who is capable of handling teams and run a whole company. You are taught to be a team leader and a good team player as well. You are also taught to be a good public speaker as you have to give a lot of presentations during your BBA education. By the end of your degree, you will be a more developed and wholesome person.


Since BBA is a professional degree, and most students who graduate start working in the professional world, you will have a great network of people working in different companies. These people can open many doors for you regarding better jobs, and more networking opportunities. And you can do the same for them. Networking always leads to better opportunities

10.Future Degrees (MBA, PGDM,Executive MBA)

Another great advantage of pursuing a BBA degree is the wide choice of options available for future degrees (higher education). BBA courses are a great foundation for pursuing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) later on. MBA is an extension of BBA. As a matter of fact, many top universities and colleges (such as IIM Indore) offer five-year integrated MBA + BBA courses.

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