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60 + Years of Educational Experience

3 Campuses | 12 Institutions | 30+ Courses

​Pydah Group is contributing a lot for education by establishing various Educational Institutions with an object of lighting the lamp of knowledge among the learners. Pydah Group believes that "Knowledge is Power".

The above Educational Institutions are the outcome from the untiring efforts of three generations since 1953. The Founder Member of the Pydah Group was Late Sri Pydah Sri Rama Krishna Murthy, who was the Inspiration behind the Promotion and Growth of Pydah Educational Institutions. Pydah group of Educational Institutions have been prospering at present under the chairmanship of Sri Pydah Satya Prasad, who is instrumental and having a great Zeal, Experience, Commitment and Strong Desire for the Promotion of Education constituting of School education, Intermediate, Under graduate and Post graduation courses, Pharmacy Education and Engineering Education.Under the Overall Supervision and Management of Sri Pydah Satya Prasad, the Educational Institutions are running on firm lines, spreading real education for greater success in life.One among the Top Educational Groups in Kakinada. Pydah has wide reputation for its Quality Learning with Holistic Approach towards Grooming Students


  • Sri PVR High School Draksharama |1953

  • Sri PVR Junior College Draksharama |1979

  • Pydah VRT Degree College Kakinada |1974

  • Pydah VRT PG College Kakinada |1996

  • Pydah College of Pharmacy Kakinada | 2007

  • Pydah College of Engineering Kakinada  | 2009

  • Pydah Colleg of Engineering (2nd shift Polytechnic College) | 2011

  • Pydah Agricultural Polytechnic Kakinada | 2012

  • Pydah Agricultural Polytechnic Draksharamam | 2012

  • Pydah Polytechnic of Agricultural Engineering Kakinada | 2013

  • Pydah Fisheries Polytechnic Kakinada | 2017

  • Pydah College of Dairy & Food Technology Kakinada | 2017

  • Pydah Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Kakinada | 2019


  • PVR Choultry, Draksharama, Kotipalli, Badrachalam |1818

  • Prince of Wales Choultry, Kakinada |1876

  • PVR Dwadasi Dharmas, Kakinada |1907

  • PVC Choultry,Kakinada |1910

PYDAH is a prestigious and heritage term originally derived from "PYNDAH" which is basically a Zamindari family hailed from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. In fact, Pydah is a very well known family since 1818, for its philanthropic, selfless, social services for the uplift of humanity. Pydah group is an outcome from its ancestral members of past five successive generations with a basic obligation to serve the society at large. Pydah family has created history in playing greater role in the promotion of vivid activities of social and community development.

The Services of Pydah Spread over different places in the country in various fields like Provision of Groceries / Food Items to the Pilgrims in the Tourist Centers and Devotional Places like Drakasharama,Kakinada, Kotipalli, Badrachalam, Annavaram, Tirupathi and Varanasi. Providing rest shelters for Destitutes and Poor (Old Age Home) under the name 'Heritage of Pydah' , A full fledged Old Age Home is functioning with the name "Rama Krishna Vanaprashta Ashram"which is providing shelter for about 100 people. Provision of Free Meals for Poor Students Undertaking Medical & Health camps at regular intervals provision of Amenities to the Pilgrims and People who have come to Godavari Pushkarams Provision of Scholarships to Meritorious Students


200 + Years of Charitable Instituions

Covering Five Cities | 4 Institutions | 6 Generations of Service

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