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That’s One Minute Challenge

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

About the Event: Throw this challenge to your friends and it is open for all the Students, Alumni and Staff of Pydah Group. The participants need to take an video of one minute and submit to us. They can Talk on any topic or they can perform anything they like (Music, Dance, Arts, etc) only for one minute. All the submitted videos will be uploaded to YouTube channel and the best out of it will be shared in the social media on every week end.

Event Start Date to End Date: Will be revealed soon. Its an three weeks programme and Participants can join the challenge any time on any day in a week. Subscribe Now at our youtube channel for event dates clickhere

Event process:

Participant can submit their videos to our whatsapp number +91 73820 15999

1.All the videos who have submitted the one Minute will be first scrutinized by one of our faculty and than it will uploaded in our channel.

2. Every week-end (I.e, From Monday to Saturday) the video which have received highest views will be finalized as winner & that video will be posted in our official social media pages.

3. The winning one minute video will be awarded with an certificate and prize money.

Rules for video making:

Each video should ends with a challenge saying “That’s one Minute, Now it’s your turn”


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