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PYDAH KRANTHI-2k24 Celebrations

Pydah Kranthi Celebrations 2024 was celebrated on a large grand scale with a huge Cultural vibe.The heritage festival is celebrated every year in January in Grand Heights. This year 2024 has brought the festival atmosphere to the college from 11th January...For this Celebrations,

the various departments of PYDAH CAMPUSES compete with each other in exhibiting their themes in bringing up the “village atmosphere” which is eye-catching and beautiful.

The faculty and Management stand as the main barrier for all the students to boost their morals and impart competitive spirits in them.

The fest ensures the students in exhibiting their skills, teamwork, coordination, decision-making, etc..,

The guests of Honours Sri. Merla Muralidhar(Chief Operating Officer Kakinada Sea Ports Ltd), and Shri T.V.Surya Prakash (Industrial Promotion Officer, Rajahmahendravaram) attended the program and made the event more beautiful.

In the Presence of Shri. P Satya Prasad (Chairman, Pydah group of Institutions), Shri. P.Satya Sriram(Secretary, Pydahgroup of Institutions), Smt.PYDAH NITYA SRIRAM(Secretary, Pydah Educational Institutions), Shri M.Veerabadhrarao(Dean, Pydah Group of Institutions), Shri K.Ravindra Reddy(Deputy Director, Pydah Group of Institutions), Shri Dr. P.V Surya Prakash (Principal), Shri. S.Suresh Kumar(Degree Principal), Shri Dr.T.K.V Kesav Rao(Principal, Pharmacy), Sri. Ravi Kumar(Vice-Principal), Head of the Departments of all Engineering/Pharmacy/Degree Branches Staff and students.

The faculty members of the Pydah group gave excellent support They all together made the event a grand success.

Pydah Group Wishing you all a Happy Sankranthi


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