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AQUATERENE 2K22, A Technical fest of Fisheries Department

Aquaterene 2k22 conducted by Fisheries department at PYDAH ENGINEERING COLLEGE got a huge response from nearly 1000 students have participated in the event. In this event the students showcased the developments in Aquaculture, elucidated how to develop the aquaculture skills and new techniques in farming aquaculture of prawns, fish and crab. Feeding in aquaculture techniques are also exhibited by the students. This technical event make the student to improvise the skills in their area of study and communication skills.

In the Presence of Shri. P satya Prasad (Chairman, Pydah group of Institutions), Shri. P.Satya Sriram(Secretary, Pydahgroup of Institutions), Smt.PYDAH NITYA SRIRAM(Secretary, Pydah Educational Institutions), Shri M.Veerabadhrarao(Dean, Pydah Group of Institutions),Shri K.Ravindra Reddy(Deputy Director, Pydah Group of Institutions), Shri Dr. P.V Surya Prakash (Princiapl), Shri. S.Suresh Kumar(Degree Principal), Shri Dr.T.K.V Kesav Rao(Principal, Pharmacy) , Head of the Departments of all Engineering/Pharmacy/Degree Branches Staff and students.


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