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B.Sc (Honours) Fisheries


India offers a huge potential for aquaculture development. The country has a coastline of 7,517 km and an extensive river and canal system of about 195.210 km, consisting of 14 major rivers, 44 medium rivers and numerous small rivers and streams. In addition, pond and tank resources are estimated at 2.36 million hectares,  India experienced an eleven fold increase of fish production in the past six decades. This growth continues In the freshwater, brackish water and the marine aquaculture sector there exist challenges and create job & entrepreneurial opportunities to many aspirants.


India is a large producer of aquaculture and  Andhra Pradesh is the one of the highest production state of aquaculture. and Their is an clear business opportunities with regard to feed additives, processing equipment, quality testing equipment and storage and transportation. Also the prevention of diseases and the enabling the provision of high-quality seed and hatcheries are possible sectors of interest .The potential of catfish and tilapia in freshwater aquaculture offer more opportunities in the domain of production enhancement.


About the Course

This degree programme is a three year Degree program offering specialization in Freshwater,brackish water aquaculture ,marine aquaculture, post-harvest process,best farm management practices,in the I, II & III year respectively.

Curriculum details would include a suitable mix of general education and skill development which are designed for  specific job roles in aquaculture & fisheries industry. The course includes content which equip skill development component in the candidate. Each year includes practical as well as theory courses which impart appropriate and relevant knowledge to the industry. The candidate will be exposed to project work and  on the job training in the industry as well.

Various visiting guest faculty from the aquaculture Processing & Feed Industry  as well as the experienced faculty of the institute would be sharing their knowledge, information, experience, technology with students


The eligibility condition for admission into Bachelors Degree programme shall be

1.Intermediate or10+2 or equivalent in any stream

2.Fisheries Polytechnic, or any other polytechnic

Career Prospectus

Careers for aquaculturists are available with a variety of employers, including state and federal government agencies, academic institutions and fish farms. However, an increasing number of employers in this industry prefer job candidates with some postsecondary education. Certain aquaculture careers, including high-level management and government positions, require a graduate-level education.


  • Bio-technologists: Professionals take up the mantle of technical detailing in a fish farm. The technical details pertain to the overall functioning of electrical equipments and the growth aspect of the fishes being bred in the farm.

  • Aquaculture Manager: They train and supervise the support workers in aquaculture procedures as well as maintain the growing environment of the fish and other aquatic life. They also monitor the commercial aspect of the hatchery, keeping track of funds and where the fish stock is released.

  • Quality Analysts: auditing and monitoring quality procedures at farms and  handling and processing facilities to ensure compliance with required standards.Ensuring that required standards of hygiene are observed at storage, processing and packing facilities and in transport vehicles

  • Disease diagnostic technician: Advising primary producers on economic aspects of disease eradication and informing producers and the general public of the health implications of diseases and impurities and also advising on the identification of pests and diseases and on regulations pertaining to grading, packing and loading of products

  • Fisheries Extension Associate: Testing and checking on water quality, collecting and recording growth, production and water quality data,harvesting fish, and sorting and packing for transportation.Collecting and recording growth, production and water quality data

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